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Market Recap: May 2022 Thumbnail

Market Recap: May 2022

Growing concerns of a global economic slowdown are materializing as investors wait to see if the Fed will have to tip the economy into recession to get inflation under control: we expect elevated market volatility to persist.

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U.S. Capital Wealth Client Webinar: Market Volatility & Outlook Thumbnail

U.S. Capital Wealth Client Webinar: Market Volatility & Outlook

Please join our team for an update call to review market performance year-to-date, discuss some of the factors influencing markets and our thoughts going forward. The first five months of 2022 have not been easy to navigate. Continuous uncertainty after two-years of ambiguity is testing the markets. Inflation, labor shortages and supply disruptions related to the pandemic and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are impacting the economy. Markets are being tested to balance these uncertainties while the Fed lifted their benchmark rate and has signaled more increases are likely to follow. Fiducient Advisors serves as a strategic investment research partner for U.S. Capital Wealth Advisors. Fiducient Deputy CIO, Brad Long, will provide clients with a timely update. Please reach out to your Financial Advisor with any questions.

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Market Recap: April 2022 Thumbnail

Market Recap: April 2022

In April, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) slowed to 8.2% year-over-year, coming down from 8.5% in March. Even though the majority of price increase are coming from energy and food, considered the more volatile parts of inflation, the Federal Reserve (Fed) acknowledged a need to regain control of prices.

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Market Recap: March 2022 Thumbnail

Market Recap: March 2022

Capital market volatility increased notably in the quarter and asset class returns were almost uniformly negative as the Russia/Ukraine conflict, the Fed’s rate hike campaign, elevated inflation and rising interest rates weighed on investor sentiment.

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Market Recap: February 2022 Thumbnail

Market Recap: February 2022

While February began with eyes on Fed Chairman Powell’s hawkish stance, inflation and a focus on the job market, the resounding theme was Russia’s invasion of Ukraine during the last week of the month. As this evolved from a low likelihood event to a distressing reality, markets adopted a risk-off stance.

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